money, money, moneyOf course money never sleeps: It's an inanimate object! Other just-as-accurate titles Oliver 找房子Stone could have considered for the sequel to his 1988 business drama: Wall Street 2: Money Never Eats, Wall Street 節能燈具2: Money Never Says Never, Wall Street 2: Money Never Just Wants To Be Friends. Perhaps by pointing out the 房屋出租insomniatic nature of currency, Stone is trying to make a commentary on the way that liquid capital slyly exerts 租辦公室power over the economic system that dwarves that of mere humans? Maybe. But in that case, he would have been better 酒店打工off using this line from David Mamet's Heist: "Everybody needs money. That's why they call it money."當然錢不酒店兼職會睡覺! 錢是沒生命的物品也許是錢是不睡覺的貨幣, 歐利夫史東(導演)想評論金錢背後狡猾的力量? 也許導演該想想大衛碼妹導演酒店工作的電影, Heist, 台詞大家都需要錢, 所以它叫錢!最糟的續集:1. 華爾街22. highlander 2 (講蘇格蘭的傳說) 第一,第2結婚集都很好看吧? 3數來寶2Read more: 租房子,28804,2020945_2020946,00.html#ixzz11YJRHNPZ 

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